Tom Berkley

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Tom Berkley is a greatly experienced and effective barrister who is mainly briefed in criminal trials before the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory, and in military courts-martial, and certain boards of inquiry and administrative tribunals.  Tom has appeared in various cases of national significance since his admission.


Tom is expert in criminal law, national security law, and administrative law.  Tom holds a Master’s Degree in international law, specializing in international humanitarian law, from the University of New South Wales, which he obtained during his time as a regular Army legal officer during the period 1985-1997.  Tom has remained in the Army reserve since 1997 to further assist in that capacity.


In 1997, Tom moved to Darwin to re-commence his legal practice on his own account.  After a few years he signed the Bar Roll, which all self-employed barristers must sign to practice solely as a barrister.  Tom has been a member of the Bar Council, and is interested in the maintenance of standards of practice within the bar, and of the bench, and the other legal practitioners.


Tom has had various statutory appointments, including Chairman of the Real Estate Agents’ Licensing Board, Vice President of the Criminal Lawyers Association, and President of the Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Tribunal, which allowed him to contribute to the Northern Territory community directly in the areas of professional regulation and alcohol rehabilitation.


Tom accepts briefs in:


All criminal law matters (including appeals);


All administrative law matters;


All military charges and administrative action;


All other disciplinary tribunals;


Coronial representation;




Public Law;


Work Health & Safety.


Tom adheres to the Northern Territory Barristers’ Work Policy, and only accepts direct briefs in limited circumstances.